«Argentina busca en China un aliado financiero para impulsar su economía»

Mar 10, 2023

In the recent news, the Argentine Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, held a meeting with the Chinese ambassador, Zhou Xiaoli, with the aim of promoting economic development through joint projects. This meeting was aimed towards increasing cooperation between both countries.

The two officials talked about the bilateral instruments and the cooperation opportunities that exist within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. They also highlighted the significance of the instruments for strengthening the exchange and for expanding the opening of markets.

The memorandum of understanding, which Argentina signed with China in February last year, is an initiative to join the New Silk Road. This aims to strengthen the multilateral trade system based on international law and to encourage companies to build zones for industrial cooperation and commercial-economic.

Furthermore, both officials discussed Argentina’s infrastructure works, which are supported by China. These projects include hydroelectric dams in Santa Cruz, various gas pipelines, water networks, and more. Recently, China has announced its investment in the lithium sector, electric car manufacturing, and fertilizers in Argentina.

The meeting ended with the commitment to simplify the opening of markets and to strengthen the exchange further. Both officials agreed that financial instruments play a crucial role in strengthening the exchange.

In conclusion, this meeting between the Economy Minister of Argentina and the Chinese Ambassador shows the willingness of both countries to increase cooperation and to promote economic development. This exchange provides a profitable opportunity for both countries, which can lead to mutual benefits in the future.

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