«Trade Republic revela que las mujeres son expertas en inversión a largo plazo en el Día Internacional de la Mujer»

Mar 8, 2023

Trade Republic offers insights into the savings and investment behaviors of women in Spain, just in time for International Women’s Day. Based on the company’s analysis of its client data from 2022, women were less likely to experience profits compared to men, but there were two clearly identified groups. Women aged 36 and above traded with a 33% lower frequency and had 19% more ETF positions, indicating a more mature investment approach and less impulsive market movement. However, women aged 25 and below invested 2.5 times more in volatile assets such as cryptocurrencies than their male counterparts.

Women also had more cash in hand, demonstrating a more conservative approach to generating returns. Despite achieving higher returns, women invested 64% less than men. While this could be due to a more cautious approach to turbulent markets, it might also reflect the alarming income inequality in Spain, where women’s median income is 20% lower than men’s.

Trade Republic’s mission is to create wealth for millions of Europeans by providing secure and easy access to commission-free capital markets. The Berlin-based technology company, which was founded in 2015 by Christian Hecker, Thomas Pischke, and Marco Cancellieri, offers fractional investments, ETFs, savings plans, derivatives, and cryptocurrencies.

Trade Republic has over one million clients, making it one of Europe’s leading finance application providers. The company is supervised by Bundesbank and BaFin, and it is dedicated to democratizing access to investment opportunities.

In conclusion, Trade Republic’s data provides valuable insights into the investment behavior of women in Spain. By recognizing the different investment strategies of women and men and providing equal opportunities, the finance industry can foster gender equality and empower women investors.

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